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Sewing Patterns from McCall's, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue.


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We are a private, family-owned company. The original idea for Neetztuff was born over ten years ago in Kansas City, Mo.óthe home of a large commercial greeting card company. Their cards were nice, but not personal. Plus, the same cards were in every store. We wanted to send cards that were original and special. We began making our own handmade greeting cards for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Everyone who got one of our cards loved it, and they kept it long after the card occasion was over, using it as bulletin board and refrigerator art. Relatives and friends nagged to buy our cards and they encouraged us to start selling them commercially. A small business was born, and we can now make our cards available through this website.

What makes our cards special? We tailor greeting cards for the recipient. If itís a little girlís birthday, we may make hair clips part of the cardís design. If your dad loves fishing, you can be sure that there will be fish or tackle somewhere on his Fatherís Day card. Do you want to propose? We donít recommend including an engagement ring as part of a card, but you can give a card that will commemorate the moment forever. If you want a special greeting that only you can send, that greeting can be made part of your card.

We believe in customer service and make your card when we get the order. Thatís why we ask for appropriate lead time. Cards can be sent overnight for an additional charge. No one will ever send a card exactly like yours. You care about choosing just the right card, and it shows. All of the ideas and embellishments are original Due to the original nature of our product, some of the card parts are in limited supply. If we can't make a card just like the one you see on the website, we'll let you know before we substitute. You can be sure that we care even more about your card than you do and that quality and creativity are the most important products we sell.

Youíre not limited to the cards on the website. Tell us a little about the person youíre buying for and we can make a card just for him or her.  If you really donít know much about the recipient,  ask us for ideas.  We can mail the card to you for your signature, or we can sign it for you and mail it at no extra charge. E-mail us your personal pictures and a spectacular 3-D card can be made just for you.

Quantity and corporate orders are encouraged. Call for discounts on large orders.











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