Why should I buy one of your cards when I can go to the mall and get one?

You probably won't find a handmade card in the mall and if you do, it will probably be very expensive and it won't be tailored to the person you're sending it to. Do you really want to get in your car, drive to the mall, look for a parking place, fight the crowds and look through hundreds of cards only to settle for one that's okay but not perfect? No one in the mall is going to mail your card for you. We will. Now you won't have to look around your desk for a stamp. What could be easier?

Well, then what about e-mail cards?

We started selling handmade cards from the week after we got our first cyber card. An e-mail card is immediate, it's true, but it's also impersonal. Anyone can send an e-mail card. Even Hallmark's doing it. And they tell you that you can send the same card to dozens of people if you want. How personal is that? Only you can send an individually selected handmade card that says you care about the person who's receiving the card.   We are an internet company and realize that some of you are on our site because you need a greeting card NOW. Go ahead and send one of our e-cards, then follow it up with a real hand made greeting card. You'll be remembered forever--this time for the right reasons.

Who the heck are you guys anyway?

We're a family-owned business with a lot of experience in the gift basket industry. In the past, we attached a handmade tag or card to all of our gift baskets and people started asking us why we didn't sell the cards, too.

Are your cards acid free?

We can't guarantee that all parts of a card will be acid free since we use embellishments from many manufacturers. It's our experience that the person who receives the card you send will probably want to keep it forever. If he wants to include the card in a memory album, we strongly suggest using an archival bag, which can be heat sealed and is available from many sources, including us.

I didn't see any cards on the website that fit my situation exactly.

Don't you just hate how all the Father's Day cards in the mall have golf clubs on them and your dad doesn't play golf? That's why we personalize. Due to space and downloading considerations, we could only put representative samples on the website. Call us at 801-634-6595 or email us at and we'll help you put together a personalized card--even if it's your dog's birthday.

Many of your cards are blank inside. I'm not very good with words. How will I know what to say?

Email or call us to discuss your particular situation. We don't censor, so if you want to tell your boss off, it's okay with us. However, you might want to look for another job first.

Do I have to mail the card myself?

No, we can do that for you. Just tell us when it has to get there. If you procrastinated and it has to be there tomorrow, we can do that too, but the postage for special delivery will be extra.

Do you sell customer addresses to other vendors?

Our business is selling the items we carry on our website. We hate spam just as much as the next guy and would never do that to you. All of your information is confidential and stays that way. If you feel uncomfortable about ordering on the internet, then call give us a call at 800-743-2275. 


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